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Courses for Organisations & Universities

Your employees or students will love our courses

Engaging, efficient, fun

We create tailor made, world-class courses for your students, employees or members. We have 20+ years of experience in education and are passionate about delivering inspiring programmes that provide a lasting impact for participants and create great value for their employers.

Private & Public Organisations

Invest in your employees and develop their talent:
To attract and retain the best talent, providing inspiring and practical learning and development opportunities for your teams is key.  Our courses engaging and fun and designed to provide immediate results so that your employees can begin using what they’ve learned straight away.  They create value for your organisation as you invest in the future of your employees.

From off-the shelf to custom programmes:
Our on-demand course library offers your employees highly flexible, cost-efficient access to our content whenever they are available and at their own pace. With our package arrangements we license the content to your organisation and employees are instantly ready to go. 

Programme modularity allows a high degree of customisation. Our expert instructors deliver dedicated live sessions or design entire courses tailored to very specific educational needs of the relevant team. Contact us now to learn more and receive a free course demo.

Universities & other Education Providers

Universities, academies and other education providers:
We very well understand the complexities of developing a curriculum that is rounded and at the same time corresponds to the expectations of students – typically they opt for courses with the highest potential to advance their careers. Let us work with you to complement your curriculum with cutting-edge, highly sought-after subject matters. 

We are committed to a collaborative partnership and will work with you to develop a course that will have a positive impact on your students’ careers for years to come. Contact us to discuss developing a custom course or seminar or to access a free course demo – we make it happen!

Cost-efficient and fast:
We are happy to licence our existing courses. They are all on-demand, meaning your students can access the content whenever they’d like and can work at their own pace. Taking our course collection as a starting point, we are able to add dedicated life session, extra resources for self study and different exam formats. Already in our standard products, modules are assessed, allowing to track the progress of your students on their way to achieving the the learning outcomes.