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Digital Finance – understanding the structural dimension & regulatory regime


Executive short course

The structure of the EU financial sector is changing… 

The provision of financial services is becoming increasingly disintermediated, facilitated by digitisation, data access and even enabling regulatory measures such as the second Payment Services Directive (PSD2).

These changes may benefit consumers as well as financial institutions, for instance through enhanced accessibility and network effects via platformisation. However, policymakers at EU and international level are increasingly assessing the implications of structural change in line with their objectives of consumer protection, the integrity and stability of the EU financial system, competition and competitiveness.

… understand the impact of data access, digitisation, regulation and BigTech on future of the financial sector …

Learn about the key drivers of structural change in the EU financial sector, and compare these with other key financial centres in Asia and the US. Understand policy initiatives intended to tackle emerging issues, including the EU’s flagship Digital Markets and Digital Services Acts and ongoing work towards ‘open finance’.

Strengthen your understanding by exploring ongoing workstreams at the EU and international levels intended to ensure the opportunities of digitisation and data access can be leveraged whilst mitigating risks to consumers, financial integrity, financial stability, and competition in the financial sector.

This executive short course is conceived and taught by leading academics, policy makers and practitioners in this field. Get their first-hand insights and embed your knowledge through breakout sessions designed to explore key policy initiatives and trade-offs.

The number of available seats for this in-person training is limited. Early registrations are encouraged.

Training dates: 2023

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Course details

Training dates: 2023
The number of available seats for this in-person training is limited to 30.

Course fees
Full/reduced: 1400,00/800,00* € (net of VAT)
Payment in three instalments possible
* The reduced fee of 800,00 € is available for employees of the public administration and of NGOs, and for full-time faculty and at public universities (evidence required).

Facts about this training
Training type: Executive short course
Dates: 2023
Format: in-person @ Institute for Law and Finance, Frankfurt
Online participation: via video link
Language: English
Target jurisdictions: EU, EEA, CH
Certificate issued by: Institute for Law and Finance, University of Frankfurt


The European Digital Finance Programme is a collaboration of

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What will I learn?

‘Digital finance: understanding the structural dimension and regulatory regime’ comprehensively covers the key drivers of structural change in the EU financial sector, including the impact of digitisation and role of data access and regulation. The course reflects on flagship EU legislative and policy initiatives, including the Digital Services and Digital Markets Acts and ongoing work towards ‘open finance’. You will be equipped to anticipate future trends and trade-offs and assess the impact for incumbents and new entrants.

Our course instructors have designed a practical programme to help participants…

  • Understand the key drivers of EU financial sector structural change and compare these to other financial centres
  • Gain an insight into the role of BigTechs in the EU financial sector, both as technology and financial service providers
  • Assess the opportunities and risks presented by different dimensions of EU financial sector structural change, including value chain evolution and platformisation.
  • Navigate with confidence the scope and key pillars of the Digital Services and Digital Markets Acts and the Digital Operational Resilience Act (DORA)
  • Understand the latest steps towards ‘open finance’ in the EU
  • Familiarise with ongoing policy developments in Europe and internationally


Should I participate?

You will benefit from this programme if you are an experienced practitioner, supervisor or policy maker and would like to further boost your confidence in respect of all issues regarding the crypto market and its regulation in the EU, EEA or Switzerland, in particular if you are

  • A professional who wants to make an impact on the success of their organisation
  • Currently working in, or moving to, a role involving entrepreneurial, strategic, regulatory, supervisor, legal or policy questions regarding financial services, in particular relating to crypto-assets
  • A recent graduate of an advanced university programme (Masters, PhD) with a relevant specialisation (speak to one of our advisors)
  • Curious to engage with a stimulating and inspiring training and happy to invest 1.5 days to advance your career

Frequently asked questions

You will receive an email confirmation with a link to a PDF voucher which includes all relevant information and your registration number. Upon receipt of this document, your seat is secured and you will not need any further confirmation. Please bring the voucher (print out or electronically) for registration on the first day.

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Partner Hengeler Mueller (retired), member ILF Executive Board


London School of Economics, Director of EDFP


Lead instructors and contributors are internationally renowned thought leaders in crypto regulation

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