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Get the most popular elements from our programme today and take control of the discussion already tomorrow. You and everyone around you will be impressed by the speed of your transformation to thought leader in digital finance policy. Each course is high-power and on-demand-only. You are in control of your time and your progress, and how soon you receive your certificate.

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Why You Should Choose Expert Elements

You know precisely what you need at this point of your career to make the next step, and you need it fast. You are moving to a new role, or you embark on an exciting project …  You just would need additional top-level, profound and credible input to feel entirely confident about it all.

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No-one has the time to do the necessary research from scratch, given that the debate on FinTech policy definitely suffers from an overflow of information … you have been faithfully listening to that podcast for weeks, and now … what can you do with this …?

Our Expert Elements courses will give you the confidence you wish for. A top-level course that you can do entirely at your pace. Courses #1, #2, and #3 are designed to support maximum value for you with our signature principles-based approach to teaching. 

Never again will you consume FinTech-related information in the relevant area without knowing what to do with it. This highly specialised programme equips you with knowledge and the skills necessary to distinguish relevant from irrelevant information (should you ever decide listening to that podcast again …).

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What Students Say About Us

It's a very interesting and trending topic that everyone thinks they understand, but few actually do. I am glad to say that this course has contributed to my knowledge in the relevant areas. Moreover, the logical breakdown of Professor Paech's thoughts in determining whether a product or service needs regulating could be transmitted in any given regulatory question.
Christos Papaioannou
In this well-coordinated and concisely structed course, you can get insights on how FinTech is working and how to justify difference in legal and regulatory elements (if any) between Fintech and traditional finance tools. Through discussing from rather conceptual perspectives, Philipp’s arguments are very good guidance to understand what is happening in the fields - which is not always easy by just being exposed to Fintech news/marketing materials only. He also draws on examples and cases studies from around the globe which help to understand his dense conceptual arguments. Highly recommended for both legal practitioners (who want to understand this hot topic in a nutshell) and students (who want to start his/her voyage in uncharted territory) in any jurisdictions.
Lawyer, Tokyo
The FinTech Foundations course provides you with a great opportunity to explore the current trends in the area of FinTech and to understand the discussions on how to regulate the new actors and activities in this field. Prof. Paech's teaching methodology makes it easier to understand very complex issues, in a very structured way.
Tolga Bayrak
Kabine Law Office
This course fits well both beginners and more advanced people because instead of providing concepts and definitions it gives students a map to develop knowledge and critical thinking on this subject. The mentoring classes are a must! There you will meet people from all around the world and from different industries to discuss relevant questions and concrete issues.
Francesca Romana
Excellent course which gives you a great foundation in understanding the fintech world from a regulatory perspective. High quality content, a knowledgeable and engaging professor, a very enjoyable learning experience overall as well as a great opportunity to network. If you are looking to learn more about FinTech, excite yourself in thought-provoking discussions and have fun at the same time, then here is your unique opportunity!
Maria Mouratidou
London, UK
This course offers an analytical understanding of rapidly transforming FinTech space. It covers interesting case studies from around the world. The course platform has video lectures, live coaching, mentoring and their recordings (in case you miss any!) among many other things. Most importantly, you can benefit from Philipp’s unique perspective and rich experience as chairman of the EU Commission’s expert group on Fintech regulation. This course simplifies the massively complex subject of Fintech, directing you to focus on the important aspects. It will be relevant for students and professionals at all levels. I would highly recommend this course!
Anubha Shrivastava
Hong Kong
This is a great course for someone desirous of learning the basic building blocks of Fintech, the related technology and regulatory environment. The course will provide you with excellent tools for examining Fintech, specially from the context of regulation and policy making. The material is engaging yet easy to follow.
Kashif Ghani
AML Right Source, Canada
The FinTech Foundations Course was a wonderful course - my understanding of FinTech has deepened tremendously. The course has not only provided a great overview of the landscape of FinTech, but also imparted various important methods of analysis to further my ability to navigate the dynamic world of FinTech. It was certainly challenging for someone with little to no knowledge of FinTech to attend the course, but with some personal research, it was possible to fully grasp the content and apply the skills from the course when examining the Fintech world. Would highly recommend the course!
Charmaine Tham
LSE Year 2 LLB Student
The course has not only equipped me with a solid foundation regarding fintech but also inspired me to utilise the knowledge gained through the coaching sessions to search for the next level of knowledge in the field.
Sharon Kun-amornpong
Warwick University

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Is this course for you?

Crypto, AI or BigTech: You want your writings have the impact you want them to have? You want to be the authoritative voice in meetings and conferences? You want to direct your team confidently? Then the Expert Elements courses are right for you, especially if you do not have the time to join our top-level Expert in Digital Finance programme. Expert Elements #1, #2 and #3 create immediate high value as all (!) relevant modules from our Expert in Digital Finance programme and from our FinTech Foundations Programme are included.

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Book now and give your career and your standing an immediate boost. Of course, learning in a group has its advantages … however, you need your results fast. Video, audio, external resources and text are combined with prompts and quizzes and specifically designed workbook assignments, so that learning never becomes monotonous and you have constant control over the achievement of your learning outcomes. Self-paced study at its best.

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Three High-Intensity Courses to Achieve Your Goals*

Each Expert Elements Course is available to you separately and you book and start whenever needed. Progress through the course is entirely controlled by you. Each module concludes with an exercise designed to monitor your learning success. After concluding the last assessment, your overall achievement will be documented in a traceable certificate, which can be shared on LinkedIn.

Foundation elements

  • Understanding crypto-asset (1): functions & opportunities
  • Understanding crypto-assets (2): risks and taxonomy
  • The role of technology: Blockchain
  • The CASPs Ecosystem & DeFi
  • Conclusion on Policy and Regulation

Expert in Digital Finance elements

  • Classification of crypto assets
  • Classification of relevant risks
  • Virtual currencies (Bitcoin)
  • Stablecoins
  • CBDC
  • Underlying traditional asset
  • CASPs regulation
  • Decentralised Finance
  • Smart contracts
  • Blockchain & tech neutrality
  • Risk management & the courts
  • Regulatory mapping

*Our courses are constantly updated, therefore, content may vary without prior notification.

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