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Navigating FinTech Confidently

Only with our method will your knowledge be fully adaptable and open opportunities for the years to come.

Our Mission

Be relevant – Stay relevant

Financial services are transforming rapidly. To be relevant in this market – and stay relevant long term – you need adaptable, scalable knowledge that works globally and in a variety of settings.

Our teaching method is the only one that provides you with the necessary analytical understanding. It will enable you to grasp market trends and develop well-informed solutions, giving an edge to your organisation. It will instill you with the confidence to apply your transferable knowledge for the years to come. Set yourself at the top of the list, whether you are going for your first big job in financial services or the professions, changing career or moving to a new function! Dr Philipp Paech, Founder

Prof Philipp Paech Foounder of Fintech Foundation
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FinTech is shaping financial services, yet, it is an elusive concept and a moving target …

Watch how we tackle the complex world of innovation and regulation in our courses and create long-lasting value for you and your organisation.

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What Students Say About Us

If you are new to FinTech, please join and you'll have a comprehensive view of the sector and its latest developments. If you are already familiar with FinTech, please still join as it would inspire your and guide you through the mist of the fuzzy commercial discussion.
Li-Chen Wang
Philipp has prepared a carefully curated learning experience which is both insightful and thought-provoking. This was an outstanding course and I gained much from my participation.
Kenrick Wong
Hong Kong
Everybody talks about regulating FinTech but Dr. Paech does it smoothly and makes you feel like, as a lawyer, you are part of this world. Lawyers need translators when it comes to purely technical and financial matters. FinTech is actually the combination of both. This course is the most meaningful translator I have seen so far, clearly demonstrating where and in what context legal issues are positioned.
Osman Gazi Güçlütürk
Galatasaray University, Turkey
Make sure to register. It’s a very important and eye-opening learning experience focusing on the legal and functional side of fintech that many of us overlook.
Mansour Elkehya
It is a course that I would definitely recommend. Fintech is a hot topic that should not be missed, and Philipp address this complex topic with great clarity and with the necessary ambition to tackle the various aspects involved.
Sebastian Ferreyra Romea
FERREYRA ROMEA Attorneys - Argentina
Dr Paech offers a sophisticated and insightful course on the topic of FinTech. The four-week program was a deep immersion into the sphere of crypto assets, the market for novel financial services, AI and DeFi. I enjoyed the structure of the material and the clear presentation of the most challenging issues. I also appreciated the opportunity to discuss the hot topics of FinTech in small groups and to build a network among current and future professionals in the financial sphere.
Ivan Baranenko
This course provides incredibly strategic insights into the future of FinTech and regulation.
Great course to have a first approach to FinTech and how it should be regulated.
Diego Saco


We are experts on FinTech and financial regulation and innovative educators. Read our insights on digital finance and financial regulation and learn about our philosophy of teaching that will create so much long-term value for you and your organisation.

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