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The 5 things to know about innovative payment

5 March 2022, 14:00 UTC

This is the first session of a new series dedicated to FinTech and the evolution of money. We developed the idea for this series following our recent very successful event on Facebook, Libra/Diem and the Metaverse, and following up on comments in our Global Group on FinTech Policy and Regulation on LinkedIn. The series is projected to have (at least) three parts, dealing with #CBDC and #Stablecoins in the following sessions.

Co-workers meeting in office

We are joined by the London policy team of one of the most innovative start-ups in this field, SaltPay, will share their insights with us. Here is the agenda (thanks to all who sent their input):

– The wide meaning of the concept of ‘payment’
– Co-existence of different payment means and concepts
– The importance of APIs and PSD2
– The move to Open Banking, Open data and PSD3


Leonardo Mitchell - Saltpay



Francisco Delgado - Saltpay



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